सड़क सुरक्षा पर निबंध Essay on Road Safety in Hindi

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  1. In India road safety is no once job.Ithas been forcefully loaded on police .This was seen for last 12years,when sankhadhwani Rasta Surakhya Samiti ,Odisha ,to work in road safety .Though present govt has thought on this for first time ,still NGOare untouchable.Impression among state govt that these NGOs are blood shucker in the society.Thats why ,12Years has gone to drain time and energy has been killed by the state. Now it is only central govt ,if specifically assigned job directly with funding ,than some changes could be visible withen stipulated time frame.Govt also need to support the initiative.If govt will not support ,nothing can be possible.
    Iwould like to give ,information on a projet .Sencitization Centre in all the district ,under supervision of NGOworking on road safety ,this was simply rejected .Why this requred,now DLare issued on long term basis ,prior to granting DL an applicant needs to get some education not only on driving a machine ,but dos and donts on road while on wheel.Basic fundamental of Road Safety are never taught ,except track ,how he drive in track .Pl remember to get a liacence ,applicant will adhered to all ,that at the time of tet .If a third party comes to picture in issuing crtificte,hope fully he can have time to lern many things,before gating a DL.
    Permanent Drivers are no way allwed by owner of fleet to have condenced course in betwen job .This also lacks in them too.
    Sencitization Center can be a institution for skill development.In india no such things are their.State authority do not recomends the NGOproposal for a small land to have sencitization centr.
    GOVT ofindia too, has not provided any funding directly to the NGO.