मोटर वाहन अधिनियम 2019 के नियम, जुर्माना राशि, चालान New Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act India, 2019 in Hindi

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  1. Totally stupid rule, Indian government trying make India like USA, Singapore, Canada etc, but these people did not see basic facilities of those country. Indian government does not have potential to provide good road, signals etc. They are open pick-pockets. There are many issues on which govt must think on benefit and drawback before deploying any rule.

    Ordinary citizens will not get its benefit but traffic police are taking full advantage of new traffic rule. Traffic police are considering themselves as President

  2. I think this is good act to inititate to aware the people that why should follow the rule because a lot number of people don’t think how many people have died in road accident due to cause of hamlet like that.i think we all should have to think in the way of positive initiate by the indian government .
    But indian government should also have to think that every person of any administration will apply the rule . bcz in bihar .police think that they have all power to miss use of any low .there is a lot of example have seen on social media platform,

    note:-if you have to follow any rule that related to indian people first of all all administration wlil have to follow properly, than automatically all person wll automatically follow the rule,

  3. Police walo ki chandi ho gayi. Unhe kon pakdega. Unke liye bhi tow rule banao corruptionless Karne ka. Police wale apni manmaani Kar rahe hai. Police walo ke rate badh Gaye hai.

  4. The thief of India will work on Narendra Modi to rob the Indian public through his corrupt government new vehicle act.. ???

  5. One of the best act or law or rule new motor vehicle act 2019
    Drink wine tobacco increase the rate please Indian government

  6. shri maan nitin gadkari ji,saadar pranam, aapki ek speech me suna tha aap kah rahe the ki bahut saare log accident ke karan mar jate hai yeh niyam unki suraksha ke liye hai mai aapse sahmat hun lekin sharab,tambaku ke karan esse kai guna loge roze martey hai un logo ki bhi chinta karni chahiye aapko sharab ,tambaku etc.aap band nahi karenge kyonki usse government ko bahut income hoti hai agar income hoti hai to loge maaren.bahut achha hai

  7. ye kanoon inko tub lagane the jub ye rojgar ke liye kuch karte inko keval janta ko lootna hai koi bhi party ho janta ko is cunav me kisi bhi party ko vote nahi dena chiye keval loot key liye dankoo ek ho gaye hai